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  • When you are considering remodeling your bathroom usually one thing to be replaced is often the shower, bathtub, or shower/bath combination. That's usually an easy decision. But from that point, it gets harder. Do you install a pre fabricated or a tiled shower?

    Instead of choosing between one or the other, it's possible to have a combination: tile and walls and still install a synthetic shower pan . This gives you the beauty of the tiled walls and the easy installation of a prefabricated pan.

    For tile purists, the only issue with this approach is that you have a synthetic shower pan that looks synthetic. The beauty of the tile ends at foot-level.

    Getting the best Bathroom Install Tile Shower Pan Installation & Shower Pan Installation Contractor is easy. With the right type of shower pan, you can have an easy-to-install, virtually leakproof prefabricated synthetic shower pan, and tile. Universe Construction can build your shower pan and give you the peace of mind that you won't have any leaks!